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Hi All
I need advice/ legal information about
I signed for a new built apartment in 2017 and after signing upplåtelseavtal, I sold the apartment last month. Move In is on 1st Feb, 2019. But the buyer will move in by 1st March 2019. On the Move in (told by förening i,e; 1st Feb) I need to pay the rest of handpenning to the förening. But new buyer will get his loan from bank on 1st March. I am already living in own apartment and has a loan so I can't have 2 loans. I am thinking to ask förening to allow me to pay on 1st March instead.
1) Will/Can they allow? what are the legal rights I have. for example due to any personal reasons, can I pay 1 or 2 month later?
2) If Not, how can I get 2 loans when one is already sold
3) Any other advice
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If you have a good bankrelation I think you should ask the bank for a short loan.
If you have a contract on the sale, so they know that you will only have the loan for a month

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